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Since 2005, Squeaky Clean has been serving West Georgia and its surrounding communities with a dedication that only comes from those who grew up in and currently live in the area. The owner, Jamey, went to Mt. Zion High School in Carrollton, Ga and also attended the University of West Georgia. The owners’ wife, Brook, attended Central High School and went on the graduate from the University of West Georgia with a degree in finance. They currently live in Temple, Ga while having parents, family, church family, and friends living in every area of West Georgia.

Squeaky Clean is also the most reviewed and the highest reviewed cleaning company in West Georgia and its surrounding areas.

A reputation is not built overnight and trust is earned. The focus on building long term working relationships with our clients has kept the company growing for nearly 13 years. Our team is highly experienced in both providing the technical service and delivering outstanding customer service. We will not rest until we have fully satisfied our clients needs.

Experience is the difference.

The first 6-8 years were spent with a heavy focus on working with commercial clients. This type of cleaning requires not only cleaning the carpet but sometimes restoring or saving the carpet. Commercial clients simply won’t make money if they have to replace carpets on a regular basis. This type of cleaning forces company to expand its skills far beyond that which is needed for “regular” carpet cleaning. Skillsets for cleaning and restoring heavily soiled carpets, carpet stretching and repair work, and multiple types of deodorization are acquired. Squeaky Clean has taken these skillsets into the residential carpet cleaning market and can clean and restore carpets most companies simply cannot.

Don’t forget our other services as well.

Over the years clients would request other services that were complimentary to carpet cleaning and window cleaning. Eventually we added pressure washing homes, driveways, decks, and fences along with gutter cleaning to our other services. Today we offer all four services of carpet cleaning, pressure washing, window cleaning, and gutter cleaning.

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