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Pet Stain and Odor Removal

Pets are a member of the family giving us unconditional love, security, and hours of amusement. However, during house training, occasional illness, and unavoidable accidents that can happen occasionally, owning a pet can put mileage on carpets. Pet stain removal and pet odor removal is something every pet owner will be in need of. At Squeaky Clean Carpets we specialize in both pet stains and pet odor removal.

Even with a well trained pet, it is necessary to remove the stain and odor of urine. If you do not your pet will learn that a certain spot is an acceptable place to use the bathroom.

To treat pet carpet stains we use an enzyme-based cleaner specially formulated for pet odor removal.

House training accidents, odors and stains build up in your home every day, in addition to the regular traffic caused by humans. Outside dirt is brought in several times a day and odors linger in the regular places your pet eats and sleeps. If you have pets, a professional carpet cleaning every year can be helpful in pet odor removal and pet stain removal.

At Squeaky Clean, we treat your house as if it were our house. We will employ the correct method on every surface. Please call 770-634-8325 Call today for a free quote or on-site inspection

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